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LaMancha Class Results

JUDGE: Ed Cavanagh    Consultant: Lynn Benedict
June 27 & 28, 2022 ~ Harrisburg, KY


Junior Kid
1. J-Haven's HR Sugar Booberry Jill Pritchett
Intermediate Kids
1. Majenli MM Prada Terri Sines
Senior Kids
1. Celtic-Ridge CRTD Roxanne Janeen Garman
Junior Yearlings
1. Lucky 4-Leaf L Fig Erin Griner
Senior Yearlings
1. Rustic Wood's JG Freedom Nichole Nadeau
Best Three Junior Does
1.Rustic Wood's Farm  
Junior Get of Sire
1. Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Gambling Man Nichole Nadeau
Milking Yearlings
1/1. Goat-San Khrazy Train Trinity Malmanis
2 Year Olds
1/1. Goat-San Zkittiez Trinity Malmanis
3 year olds
1/1. Goat-San Khaos Trinity Malmanis
4 Year Olds
1/1. Goat-San Pepper Mint Trinity Malmanis
5 & 6 Year Olds
1/1. J-Haven's MD Livin' Joyous Jill Pritchett
7 and Over
1/1. Bellemaker Coffeebean Levi Campbell
Dairy Herd
1. Goat-San  
Best 3 Senior Does
1. Goat-San  
Senior Get of Sire
1. Moonshine Ridge CB Beowulf Trinity & Andrew Malmanis
Produce of Dam
1. CH Ilswoned's Supernova Rodney Denowski
Dam & Daughter
1.Goat-San Procelina Trinity Malmanis



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