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2020 ALBA Election
Candidate letters



Kassie Dwyer—Board of Director Candidate:

My name is Kassie Dwyer and I am hopeful that you will support me in pursuing a position as an ALBA director. Goats have been a part of my life since I was 14, and I can't imagine life without them. I accompanied my sister to a goat farm, where she was going to pick out a pair of Alpine kids. My sister was always tiny and handling our 4-H cattle was hard for her; she she got to get goats. When we walked into the kid pen, it was love at first sight when I laid eyes on a chestnut and white, elf eared doe kid. She instantly approached me looking for attention, and that was that. I begged my grandparents, took $150 out of my savings account, and a few weeks later brought home my first ADGA Recorded Grade LaMancha, Jenny. I showed in 4-H and open shows until college, building a herd around sweet and personable Jenny. I made the difficult decision to sell my herd when I went to school, but began building again as soon as I graduated acquiring genetics from Greymantle Farm in Amherst, ME.

My husband, Joe, and I, along with our 7 year old son, Joey, have owned and operated Eden Farm in Athens, ME since 2011. AT the moment our goat herd numbers 18, all LaMancha and Recorded Grade LaManchas. Our primary focus for our herd is building show quality does, with our secondary goal being milk excellence and production to support our farm stand where we sell milk, cheese, pudding, fudge and soap made from our girls' output. We attend as many Maine and New England shows as we can during the show season, enjoying the time as a family and with our extended "goat family".

I am a member of ADGA and ALBA, as well as the Heart of Maine Dairy Goat Association (HOMDGA) where I edit the quarterly newwletter; and Southern Main Dairy Goat Association (SMDGA). I serve on ADGA's youth committee and as a 4-H leader. I enjoy helping out by taking entries, creating catalogs, and serving as show secretary for several area shows.

In addition to our goats and farm stand, we have a grass fed cow-calf operation and raise our own pork, along with chickens. I teach Junior High social studies and am the Athletic Director at the local K-8 school, while my husband works in construction. Yes, I'm very busy but I thrive on it! I would love to further my involvement in the goat world, particularly with my breed, by serving our association as an ALBA director. Thank you so much for your consideration, and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Kassie Dwyer
Eden Farm 

Abby Bunde—Board of Director Candidate:

My name is Abby Bunde, I have been raising Lamanchas here in Nebraska for the last 18 years.  Our children showed Hereford cattle and our fledgling herd of LaManchas in 4-H at first, then the local ADGA open shows. The children are now all grown up but the LaManchas remain.

I am President of the Nebraska Dairy Goat Association and as you all know, we were supposed to have hosted the National show for the first time in Grand Island, Nebraska in 2020. The site for the show is only 15 miles from my home and I had so many high hopes of meeting the LaMancha breeders I have seen on previous National Show livestream and to actually see many of these amazing LaManchas in person for the first time. Missing out on meeting you and seeing the fabulous Lamanchas that would have come to Grand Island has been my biggest disappointment in 2020.

In fact my 60th birthday would have fallen on the Jr. Lamancha show day, and my birthday present to myself was to be showing in my first National show on my birthday. My entire family had taken the week off to be there to help us show and to help with Hosting.

 I’m really hoping the National Show will come back and I’ll get to meet the people I have admired from a distance for many years.

I would like to be of Service to ALBA in any capacity, and am running for a position on the board of Directors. I will gladly help with whatever duties are assigned and would love to help promote the LaMancha breed.

Abby Bunde
Platte Valley Goats

Cindy Bonifield—Board of Director Candidate:

I would like to present myself as a candidate for an ALBA Board of Directors position. I am currently serving as one of your board members, and if chosen again, I would be honored to continue to serve the membership in this role.

My  background in LaManchas began in 2010 when we wanted a source of fresh milk for the fa mily, so we purchased a 4-year-old grade LaMancha  milker. In 2011 the first kids under the York Mtn. herdname were born, and when those adorable babies hit the ground, my husband Gary and I fell head over heels in love with LaManchas. We’ve not looked back since. The herd participates in the ADGA Performance Plus programs of DHIR, LA and DNA, and we attend several shows throughout the season. We have traveled to three National shows and were thrilled in 2017 with our first top ten placings, and the herd is also home to several ADGA  Breed Leaders.

In the last few years under current leadership the club has made significant strides in many key areas including increasing membership, increasing participation in the club’s  Production and All-American programs as well as the website and logo re-designs. However, there is still much work to do to bring our club to the next level. I feel that by working together, membership and officers/directors, we can build on the accomplishments and make the ALBA an organization that serves all areas of interest of our members and their beloved LaMancha dairy goats.

I will work hard as one of your directors to advance the breed and our club to the best of my ability, and I thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration for the position of director.

Cindy Bonifield
York Mtn. LaManchas


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