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Video/ DVDís are available for rent by ALC members. Please send inquiries to:

Deb Macke
N3690 Elmwood Rd.
Hawkins, WI  54530

   CLICK HERE for Video Rental Catalog & Request Form

Video's are available for a $7.00 fee for VHS and $5 fee on DVDís  to cover cost of shipping and handling.
 They will be sent by US Parcel Post, insured for $35.00 each and must be returned within 15 days by insured mail.

The following titles are available for rental:


ADGA National Shows:
     NOTE: All National LaMancha Show Videos are now shipped with a complete Show Report, so 
                you may easily identify the winners in all classes!!
1985 Oklahoma City, OK Stephen Considine/Jennifer Bice VHS
1986 Dallas, TX Sam Whiteside/Peggy Considine VHS
1987 Sacramento, CA   VHS (2 tapes)
1988 Harrisburg, PA Stephen Considine/Ray Horton VHS
1989 Oklahoma City, OK Daniel Considine/Peggy Considine VHS
1990 Los Angeles, CA Peggy Considine/Joan Dean Rowe VHS
1991 Gillette, WY Stephen Considine/Sam Whiteside VHS
1992 Amarillo, TX Ray Vierra/Jennifer Bice VHS
1993 Harrisburg, PA Peggy Considine/Dan Laney VHS
1994 Lincoln, NE Stephen Considine/Sam Whiteside VHS
1995 Salem, OR Harvey Considine/Dan Laney VHS
1996 Springfield, IL Ray Viera/Steven Richter DVD & VHS
1997 Harrisburg, PA Joan Dean Rowe/Susan Barker VHS
1998 St. Paul, MN Steven Richter/Sheila Nixon DVD
1999 Sacramento, CA Lisa Gardner/Susan Barker DVD
2000 Raleigh, NC Sam Whiteside/Jennifer Bice DVD
2001 W. Springfield, MA Mary Stiles Iager/Jeff Klein DVD
2002 Pueblo, CO Julie Matthys/Sam Whiteside DVD
2003 Des Moines, IA Steven Richter/Annette Maze DVD
2004 Harrisburg, PA Chuck Pederson/Julie Matthys DVD
2005 Spokane, WA Jeff Klein/Joan Dean Rowe VHS
2006 Indianapolis, IN Julie Matthys/Thomas Considine DVD
2007 Gillette, WY Dan Laney/Mary Stiles Iager DVD
2008 Louisville, KY Thomas Considine/Joan Dean Rowe DVD
2009 Sacramento, CA Evin Evans/Sam Whiteside DVD
2010 Louisville, KY Pete Snyder/Ed Cavanagh DVD
2011 West Springfield, MA Robin Saum/Sam Whiteside DVD
2012 Loveland, CO Lynn Benedict/Ed Cavanagh DVD
Other Videos Available (All VHS)
1988   How to Judge a Dairy Goat
1988 Type Conference Parts 1 and 2
1989 35th Annual ADGA Spotlight Sale, Roanoke, VA
1990 LaManchas: Eastern Exposure Shows
New Castle, PA
Wilmington, OH
Dunkirk, NY
Randolph, OH
Burton, OH
1990 World Dairy Expo, Holstein Show
Breeding Soundness/Passive transfer
1988 Sonoma County 4-H Showmanship Clinic
Why Test (audio tape)

   CLICK HERE for Video Rental Catalog & Request Form


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